PlowsFor over forty years, we specialized in manufacturing of fixed or reversible plows, for wheeled and tracked tractors. For our production, we exploiting the technology and quality of the materials that are required for every specific field and with the aid of CAD systems we are also able to design plows to customer requirements and for a wide varie [read more]DETAILS
SubsoilersRippers, cultivators and machinery for drainage represent a wide range of our production. The series consists of construction of rippers from 1 to 9 points for various needs, from small to great depths, with frame widths targeted at specific customer requirements. The range of machines ranging from different types of rippers and cultivators for vi [read more]DETAILS
Centrifugal fertilizer spreadersCentrifugal fertilizer spreaders are designed for allow the soil to absorb different types of fertilizing substances with different shapes and sizes. Are machines which consist of subsoilers with fixed widths or variables regulated by rollers or wheels for the determination of the depth and the rear for the soil compaction. The frames are topped w [read more]DETAILS
Pile driversLa nostra produzione di Piantapali Idraulici si rivolge alla più ampia clientela di utilizzatori a partire dal contoterzista fino alla piccola azienda agricola. La gamma di Piantapali è disponibile in diverse versioni per potersi adattare alle più svariate tipologie di trattrici operanti nel settore viticolo. Costruiamo Piantapali laterali, Piantap [read more]DETAILS
Hydraulic DrillsCon la grande esperienza acquisita negli anni, oggi produciamo una vasta gamma di Trivelle Idrauliche che si suddivide in innumerevoli modelli adatti a coprire tutte le tipologie e potenze sia di trattrrici agricole che di macchine operatrici. Oggi costruiamo Trivelle per trattori agricoli da 30 Kw a 150 Kw, Trivelle per Escavatori da 0,8 ton fino [read more]DETAILS
Hydraulic shears forestOur Hydraulic shears are designed for cutting of trees and bushes or shrubs with construction machinery like Excavators and Skid Steer. They are particularly suitable for deforestation, thinning and cleaning up forests and also for logging of trenches antincendio. We produce hydraulic shears in different models to meet the full range of machines, [read more]DETAILS
Machinery for planting cuttingsOur machinery to planting cuttings,are a particularly versatiles because it easily manoeuvrable and suitable for small plots. The equipment is completely adjustable as regards the depth and the width of work. The machinery is equipped with a device for adjustment of inclination excellent to work on hilly and flat terrains. [read more]DETAILS
Rotary hydraulic log splitter [read more]DETAILS
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